Body Energetics Holistic Therapies

Shelagh Smith, B.A.
Certified Practitioner in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ and Visionary Craniosacral Work®


Location: Shelagh has a practice in BC.

Shelagh offers craniosacral work, energy healing and fascial work.

Shelagh specializes in body alignment and body awareness.

Shelagh has been in professional practice since 2007 and is a member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

Pain and limited mobility are often the result of misalignment caused by poor body mechanics, injury, repetitive strain, compensation or patterns of emotional or physical holding in the body.  Shelagh offers an intuitive and integrated approach to release patterns and restrictions that cause acute and chronic pain, muscular imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, TMJ syndrome, headaches, neck and shoulder issues,  fatigue and anxiety.  Shelagh works with the fluidity of the body and muscle memory to support the body to realign that may result in decreased tension and discomfort, improved balance and stability and ease of movement.  Shelagh enjoys sharing self-care practices with clients to increase their body awareness and support their own healing.

Shelagh’s clients report that they:

breathe deeper and more fully,

feel deeply relaxed,

feel content,

feel less anxious,  

feel grounded, 

feel more space and comfort in their jaw,

have improved mood and mental clarity,

have increased energy,

have decreased tension and discomfort,

have improved balance and stability,

have more ease in their body and increased range of motion,

have increased sense of well-being,

have improved digestion and elimination,

and sleep better.

Clients also comment that they have greater body awareness and benefit from the self care practices they learn.


Initial session is 2 hours for $140.

Follow up sessions are:  2 hrs for $140  (complex cases / additional time for self care practices); 1.5 hrs for $120 (follow up); 1 hr for $85 (maintenance); and 30 minutes for $40 (tune up).

Sessions for children (up to 18 years old) are 60 minutes for $45 and 30 minutes for $25.

Sessions are not covered by MSP.  Sessions may be covered by extended health care under flex benefits or general health spending.  Check with your extended health care provider.


I came into Shelagh’s office with no idea of what to expect or what this healing modality was all about.  I just knew that all other forms of medical support had been exhausted.  I presented with lower back issues and my pain was so severe that my body was contorted. I had difficulty breathing and moving, with physical symptoms of burning, tingling and throbbing muscles. The medical profession recommendations were daily pain meds and attendance at a pain management group.

Shelagh’s integrative treatment included improving the flow of energy, and releasing patterns in the connective tissue and muscle memory that contributed to my pain. After a 2-hour session, my recovery surpassed my wildest expectations.  In my logical mind, I could not make sense of what had transpired.  I was pain-free, my body felt lighter, relaxed and free of any muscle stiffness. My body had a buzz to it.  Hours later I realized that I felt energized.

I realize my journey from health to debilitating pain did not happen overnight. I have had many sessions with Shelagh. Each treatment builds upon the previous sessions to reduce/eliminate pain, muscle spasms and tightness.

You don’t have to understand the ins and outs, nor believe in Shelagh’s methods of treatment, because the body just responds.  It works!

With gratitude, Phyllis White

A week prior to Christmas I slipped on an icy road and landed hard on my back. For lack of a better word I then “bounced” and hit the road again, hitting my head both times. I went to Emergency and, while no bones were broken, I was given instructions for treatment of a minor concussion and was told that it could take up to six weeks for my muscles to relax and the pain to be gone.  Five weeks later I was still in excruciating pain.  I slept in the living room in a semi-reclining position for those five weeks, couldn’t shoulder check which limited my driving, and had difficulty lifting anything; even a regular frying pan took both hands to distribute the weight and lessen the pain. I saw Shelagh at that point and after one session I was amazed that I was no longer in pain.  I also realized that for the previous five weeks I had not been taking proper full breaths so as not to expand my lower rib cage because it hurt too much. After that one treatment I was able to get on with normal activities and sleep in my own bed !  I highly recommend Shelagh’s work.  

Geri Aasen

I have spent years with ankle issues and leg issues being told that I’d be stuck with custom shoe inserts and I’d never be able to walk barefoot. When I damaged my knee in a fairly severe manner, I gave up on sports and worried about my ability to even walk. Today thanks to Shelagh  I can not only walk, but play sports and dance with complete confidence in my leg. It took several sessions, however, it was completely worthwhile to feel like a whole human being again. Nowadays my knee braces collect dust and I feel a sense of assurance in my body as a whole.

Mel Bryce

After years of slowly declining energy and playfulness, my vet eventually diagnosed my cat Zipper with disc injuries in her back. While medications and other treatments seemed to provide maintenance care, it was a strain physically and emotionally to my cat.  Shelagh worked with Zipper in a non-stressful way. The resulting changes of steady gradual improvement have resulted in Zipper being medication free, and playful and energetic like a kitten at the age of 10.  I am so glad that there was a  non-invasive solution and that the changes have been completely restorative.

Mel Bryce