Body Energetics Holistic Therapies

Shelagh Smith, B.A.
Certified Practitioner in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and Visionary Craniosacral Work®

250-353-3477  (voice messages only – no texting)

Location: Shelagh has a practice in Kaslo, BC

Shelagh specializes in body alignment and body awareness.


Often pain and limited mobility are the result of misalignment caused by body mechanics, injury, repetitive strain, compensation or patterns of emotional or physical holding in the body.  Shelagh offers an intuitive and integrated approach to release patterns and restrictions that cause acute and chronic pain, muscular imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, TMJ syndrome, headaches, neck and shoulder issues,  fatigue and anxiety.  She specializes in realigning the body. Her gentle approach guides the body back into alignment resulting in improved stability and flexibility, decreased tension and pain, increased energy, and greater sense of well-being.  Shelagh enjoys sharing self-care practices with clients to increase their body awareness and inspire their own healing potential.


Shelagh’s clients report that they:

breathe deeper and more fully,

feel deeply relaxed,

feel content,

feel less anxious,  

feel grounded and balanced, 

feel more space and comfort in their jaw,

have improved mood and mental clarity,

have increased energy,

have decreased tension and pain,

have more ease in their body and increased range of motion,

have improved posture,

recover faster from injury,

have improved digestion and elimination,

sleep better      


Clients also comment that they have greater body awareness and benefit from the self care practices they learn.


Shelagh has been in  professional practice since 2007 and is a member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.