Visionary Craniosacral Work ® (VCSW®)


Do you need to unwind?   

Just like a rope, the network of fascia that connects the whole body can literally become wound up and contracted leading people to feel pain, tense, anxious, and stuck (mentally and physically). The structure of the body influences the function of the body. Restrictions and misalignment affect the body’s stability, flexibility and ease of movement.  Repetitive movements or injury from sprains, strains, twists, compression or contractions can become chronic from stress and compensation. VCSW® uses gentle touch to assess and release these patterns to restore the body’s inherent self-correcting mechanism.  Clients may experience their body physically moving to unwind held patterns along the same pathway that created the pattern, similar to unwinding a rope, as the body realigns.

The interconnection of fascia is such that restrictions (i.e. twisting or contraction) in one area of the body can affect another area of the body.  Just like the tug on any part of a net or fabric impacts the response, knee pain may be caused by a restriction in the opposite shoulder which affects the whole body’s alignment and function.  Shelagh works with the fluidity of the body and muscle memory to release patterns of strain and restriction to support the body to realign resulting in balance, stability and ease of movement. 

VCSW®is a gentle and non-invasive body work that improves alignment, mobility and whole body health. Clients may feel muscle releases and subtle shifts as their body realigns. Clients comment that they have less pain, feel more ease in their body and have increased range of motion. The number of sessions needed varies and depends on the complexity of the presenting conditions.  Clients are fully dressed during sessions. Please wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing.

Visionary Craniosacral Work® is a whole body treatment that can be useful in treating a number of conditions including: acute and chronic pain, muscular imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome,  headaches, neck and shoulder issues, fatigue, tension and anxiety.



Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ (AIEH™)


Imagine feeling calmer, relaxed and rejuvenated.

AIEH can benefit you if you feel “out of sorts”, “beside yourself” or like you “can’t keep up”.  AIEH specializes in the biofield, the bio electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body.  The biofield can be excessive (over charged), deficient (under charged), unbalanced or blocked which can lead to fatigue, anxiety, tension, pain and illness. When the biofield is unbalanced it pulls the physical body off balance.  When there is an energy block the tissues of the body are undercharged which may lead to illness. Clients may feel subtle shifts as their energy field balances and comes into coherence.          

 AIEH is a gentle process that restores the natural flow of energy through the body.  Clients often report feeling more grounded and balanced resulting in a deeper sense of well- being and vitality. 

 The number of sessions recommended varies and depends on the unique qualities of each individual. Clients are fully dressed during sessions. Please wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing. Energy work can affect blood sugar levels.  If you are diabetic please bring your blood glucose meter, snacks and allow an additional 20 minutes after your session to measure your blood sugar levels.


Shelagh’s clients report that they:

breathe deeper and more fully,  

feel deeply relaxed,

feel content,

feel less anxious,  

feel grounded,

have more space and comfort in their jaw,

have improved mood and mental clarity,

have increased energy,

have decreased tension and pain,

have improved balance and stability,

have more ease in their body and increased range of motion,

have increased sense of well-being,

recover faster from injury,

have improved digestion and elimination,

sleep better.


Clients also comment that they have greater body awareness and benefit from the self care practices they learn.



Initial 2 hour session is $120.

Follow up sessions are 1.5 hours for $100.

A sliding scale is available for those with limited disposable income.

Please contact me to discuss whether you meet the requirement for a sliding scale option, payment plans and trades.

Sessions are not covered by MSP.  Sessions may be covered by extended health care under flex benefits or general health spending.  Please check with your extended health care provider.